Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

GNOME Asia 2013

I got back from GNOME.Asia 2013 in Seoul, which was held from 24-25th May, 2013. The conference was not really crowded as I initially expected, however the local attendance is about 90% according to Simon, the head of the organizer. It is actually my first GNOME.Asia and my first visit to Seoul and also my first time being sponsored both by the GNOME Foundation (for flight and hotel) and BlankOn Project (for visa and daily allowance).

There's quite a number of high profile speakers from GNOME in the whole conferences, as well as some other hackers from outside GNOME project. It was interesting how we interacted as one free and open source community, and not as GNOME or not GNOME regardless the conference is about.

There are several talks held in Korean which I unfortunately skipped despite of the topics which are my interest. However, that would be my opportunity to discuss things outside with many new friends. I met Michael Hasselmann, and old friend from Maliit project which I worked with him when I was a Nokia engineer at MeeGo. I have a talk myself talking about Manokwari.

My favorite talk at the conference were:

  • Sandbox Applications by Lennart Poettering
  • The soul'scode on Taiwan campus by Eric Sun
  • Improving cross desktop standard by Cedric Bail 

When the conference ended the speakers had dinner together and had some interesting discussions with some confessions from some folks that they don't use GNOME :D

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